Heavily Tattooed Aussie Instagram Star Reveals His Biggest Regret

Heavily Tattooed Aussie Instagram Star Reveals His Biggest Regret

An Aussie bodybuilder certainly raised some eyebrows when pictures of his incredibly tattooed body went viral this week.

But as the social media star known as Yakiboy received a lot of attention for his inked designs, people started asking questions about his alleged ties with bikie gangs – Australian biker gangs.

Credit: Instagram/@leon68yaki
Credit: Instagram/@leon68yaki

Yakiboy is known to have been good enough friends with murdered underworld boss Pasquale Barbaro, having posted images of himself with the alleged crime kingpin.

One picture allegedly shows Yakiboy and Barbaro sitting beside a swimming pool on a sunny day showing off their tattooed backs.

Credit: Instagram/@leon68yaki
Credit: Instagram/@leon68yaki

But Yakiboy has released a statement on his Instagram page after people began alleging links between him and Barbaro.

“My only regret in life was being friends with that dog Pasquale,” he wrote. “‘I didn’t know he was a dog and that’s why everyone in Australia hated his guts, including me.

“I’m not a bikie or with any group, I don’t have any issue with anyone, I’m a Muslim Shia soldier, always by myself.”

Yeah, not sure if calling yourself a Muslim Shia soldier is a good idea but whatever.

Credit: Instagram/@leon68yaki
Credit: Instagram/@leon68yaki

Pasquale Barbaro was fatally shot execution-style, according to the Daily Mail, in Sydney’s South-West in 2016.

He was attacked by two hooded criminals as he sat in his Mercedes vehicle. The 35-year-old was parked outside the home of underworld figure George Alex and managed to crawl to his property, yelling as his final words: “Open the fucking door.”

Emergency services couldn’t get there in time to save his life and he died on the footpath.

A year before the brazen attack, he was shot at six times in Leichhardt, prompting him to wear a bulletproof vest virtually everywhere he went.

The Daily Mail says Barbaro was rumoured to be a snitch for the Crime Commission, which certainly would have made him a target from people attached to the criminal world.

A friend named Marco told Nine News: “He just has a lot of enemies. I guess things just caught up with him. He had a good heart. Just because he did bad things, doesn’t mean he was a bad person.”

Of course, Yakiboy is not thought to be involved in any of this criminal activity or any legal wrongdoing whatsoever and it seems he’s still trying to distance himself from the bloke two years after his savage murder.

We doubt he’ll be getting any more tattoos in the future – not because he doesn’t want to, but because there’s virtually nowhere left on his body to ink.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@leon68yaki

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