Amazing Lava Footage In Hawaii


An unsettling video of lava in Hawaii shows it spilling onto a street and engulfing a car, as well as breaking through a large gate.


The lava began spurting up after the Kilauea volcano erupted last week, after a 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck the Pacific island.

As a result, thousands of people were told to evacuate their homes – some of which were destroyed as a result of the natural disaster.

Residents were also advised to flee as there was a further threat from sulphur dioxide gas.

The video footage shows several scenes that the lava managed to reach, including large blazes in some spots.

But in one particularly unnerving part, you can see the lava splay out onto a road, where a white car is parked. The lava eventually reaches the vehicle, which becomes completely consumed by the molten rock and catches fire – all of which happens within a matter of minutes.

Another clip shows a mound of moving lava bending and breaking through a large metal gate.

Credit: ViralHog
Credit: ViralHog

Tesha Montoya, a 45-year-old who lives in the largely rural area, told WGRZ: “I felt like the whole side of our hill was going to explode.

“The earthquake was what made us start running and start throwing guinea pigs and bunnies in the car.”

Of her house, which she built with her husband and daughter many years ago, she said: “My heart and soul’s there. I’m nothing without the land. It’s part of my being.”

Kilauea is one of the world’s most active volcanos and has been erupting non-stop since 1983.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

It has destroyed many homes since then and has even consumed a whole town, Kalapana, in a relatively short space of time around three decades ago.

On Monday 7 May at 6pm local time, a Civil Defence message was released on the Hawaiian government’s website to say that Leilani Estates residents would be able to check on their property, conditions permitting, but added that they should ‘be prepared to evacuate at a moment’s notice’.

The message read: “Hawaiian Volcano Observatory confirms volcanic activity has subsided at all 12 fissures, but hazardous fumes continues.

“Since the onset of this eruption, a total of 12 fissures have emerged, and 35 structures have been destroyed.”

It added: “Please, the residents of Leilani need our help. This is not the time for sightseeing. You can help tremendously by staying out of the area.”

Featured Image Credit: ViralHog


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