Rich Teen Refuses To Sleep On Sofa Of ‘Skint’ Teenage Mum

Rich Teen Refuses To Sleep On Sofa Of ‘Skint’ Teenage Mum

A rich teenager who gets eats caviar for breakfast and enjoys a hefty £2,000 allowance has taken part in a life-swap with a single mum who gets by on benefits.

Sixteen-year-old Angelina Green has had a pretty sweet life, splashing out on designer clothes and luxurious holidays thanks to generous handouts from her folks.

At the other end of the spectrum is 19-year-old Amy Gannon, who looks after her three-year-old son and disabled mother on £150 a week. She spends £120 of that on bills, leaving her with just £30 to spend on food and groceries.

Amy invited Angelina into her home as part of Channel 5’s Rich Kids Go Skint programme – which shows well-off teens how those on the breadline live.

However, Angelina wasn’t happy with the accommodation on offer and checked herself into a hotel after just one night on the sofa at Amy’s gaff, telling the cameras, “I really couldn’t bring myself to stay there.”

Credit: Channel 5/Rich Kids Go Skint
Credit: Channel 5/Rich Kids Go Skint

She also shocked Amy when she admitted to not knowing how to use the vacuum cleaner.

Amy said: “I was quite shocked when she couldn’t use a vacuum cleaner. I thought she was messing around because I thought everyone had vacuumed at least once in their lives, rich or not.”

Despite not knowing how to use a vacuum cleaner and tucking into caviar each day for breakfast, spending time with Amy humbled Angelina, who tearfully said: “She’s had to go through a lot at such a young age and I’d hate to be put through that situation. I’m really grateful I have people I can rely on and who I know are there for me.

“She’s literally had no one to help her and she’s had to go through it all herself. It’s amazing how anyone her age can do that.”

Angelina’s mum Marina decided to put her daughter forward for the show so she would gain an appreciation for how lucky she is and it looks like it might have worked.

Credit: Channel 5/Rich Kids Go Skint
Credit: Channel 5/Rich Kids Go Skint

Since taking part in the show, the two women have kept in touch and Angelina now regularly donates to a foodbank. She also helps out at home – but maybe not with the vacuuming cleaning, obviously.

Rich Kids Go Skint airs tonight at 9pm on 5STAR.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 5/Rich Kids Go Skint

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