‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ Contestant Loses £31,000 After Ignoring Her Husband

‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ Contestant Loses £31,000 After Ignoring Her Husband

There could be rocky times ahead for the marriage of one contestant on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? after she completely ignored her husband’s answer after phoning him to find out and lost a fortune.

Lynn Buckingham cost herself £31,000 when she used her ‘Phone A Friend’ lifeline to get hold of her other half, Ian, for the answer to the £64,000 question “In 2016, who did Boris Johnson succeed as Foreign Secretary?”

The answers she was offered were: Liam Fox, Philip Hammond, Kenneth Clarke, and William Hague.

She decided to ask Jeremy Clarkson – who you would think might know all of the answers – but he had no idea either.

Of course, you all know that the correct answer is Philip Hammond, and so did Ian, but he didn’t sell it well enough for her to side with him.

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

Upon hearing his options, he said: “I think it’s Philip Hammond but I’m really not sure.”

Lynn then said that she didn’t think it was Hammond, because he is a “money man” so she went right ahead and picked William Hague.

To come to her defence (slightly) William Hague was actually the Foreign Secretary, just until 2014, when he was succeeded by Philip Hammond, who – as we’ve established – was succeeded by Boris Johnson in 2016.

Anyway, she was wrong, and Jezza told her so. She was clearly devastated, as you might be if you’d just squandered away a load of cash, despite being told the right answer by your husband.

Clarkson also told her “don’t go home tonight”. Probably some good advice.

Well, Ian might have lost 31,000 big ones, but at least he has gained the upper hand in every argument about decision making that ever takes place in his marriage.

“Remember that time you lost us thousands of pounds because you didn’t listen to me?” is a pretty convincing argument for getting a curry instead of a Chinese takeaway.

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

The rebooted version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? has returned with a show every night this week to celebrate the 20th anniversary of it hitting our screens.

Clarkson has been hosting (although, what exactly Chris Tarrant is up to is not clear) and they have introduced a new lifeline.

Contestants now have the option to ‘Ask The Host’ if they want. Well, given that he has previously mocked contestants for their stupidity, he wasn’t exactly much help to poor old Lynn Buckingham when she needed him.

The moral of the story is, even if you think they’re wrong, always side with your spouse – after all, you’ll have to share a bed with them that evening either way.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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