After Pennyworth, these DC characters are ready to have their (origin) stories told

After <em>Pennyworth</em>, these DC characters are ready to have their (origin) stories told

Fox recently announced that Gotham will go quietly into that dark (k)night after its recently ordered fifth season, but viewers won’t have long to wait until the next Batman origin story. Pennyworth has been given a series order over at Epix, and it will function as an origin story for Bruce Wayne’s beloved butler, Alfred Pennyworth.

This, however, is no Gotham spinoff. It’s to be cast with a new actor (Sean Pertwee currently plays Alfred over on Gotham) and set in an entirely different universe. It finds the character, a former British SAS soldier, building a clandestine company in 1960s London and forming a business partnership with Thomas Wayne, eventual father to Bruce.

Unlikely as it sounds, there is a comic-book basis for this concept — which raises the question: what other DC origin stories are out there, just waiting for a savvy showrunner to spin straw into small-screen gold? We have some ideas.

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