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Video caption: ‘You definitely develop as a whole’

Why get into rugby union? If you enjoy being active and want to build your fitness and strength then this is the game for you.

Who is it for? It’s one of the most inclusive sports around and there are various versions of the game that you can test out.

Is there a cheap option? You can just play touch rugby in the park with a bunch of friends or family, but joining a club can be inexpensive.

What if I want a proper workout? From scrummaging to tackling, to sprinting with the ball, this can be a high intensity workout that will boost both your fitness and your strength.

Can I take it to another level? Work your way up. Start with a club then look to your county and from there people will start noticing you.

Is there a disability option? Wheelchair rugby was a big hit at the 2012 Paralympics. There are now chances to have a go all over the UK.

Is there a family option? Most clubs will cater for all the family with kids’ teams, and men’s and women’s teams for mum and dad.

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